Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, in less than 4 months you will be a fourth grader!!!
(sniff sniff... My babies are growing up!)

As you have come to the end of the year, you now know the "ins and outs" of third grade. What advice would you give to the the new victims... OOPS! ... I mean students for the next school year? You must have 3 pieces of advice to share, and you must write in complete sentences. Remember your GRAMMAR and SPELLING rules! I am so excited to read what you advise!

Mrs. Waldrop

(Let's see who is following this during the summer!;) )

Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, guys! Here is your NEXT South Carolina History EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: You are to choose any event/person from South Carolina History and write a CINQUAIN describing that event/person. I will have an example below, along with the cinquain's sequence to help remind you how to write it. Do not forget to put your first name only at the bottom of your entry so I know who to give points to. The poem is worth SEVEN POINTS on your next South Carolina History test. Please make sure your grammar is correct. GOOD LUCK!

"Word Cinquains" have the following pattern:

Line 1 - 1 word (noun - your subject)
Line 2 - 2 words (adjectives describing your noun)
Line 3 - 3 words (verbs ending in "ing" describing your noun)
Line 4 - 4 words (a small statement how you feel about the subject)
Line 5 - 1 word (another name for your noun- SYNONYM)


Creative, persistent
Leading, guiding, envisioning
Added color to life!

(Mrs. Waldrop)

Thursday, July 23, 2009



Welcome to THIRD GRADE! I am so proud to have you in our class this year! You already have a research question before you come to class, but I also want to give you this opportunity for extra points in Language Arts. YES! It is possible to ALREADY have an opportunity to KEEP THAT A! It is SO EASY! All you have to do is post a comment on this blog. In your comment you must write an ACRONYM POEM about yourself using your FIRST OR LAST NAME. I have an example below:

Major Minnesota Vikings Fan
Radiant personality 
So PSYCHED about the new year! 

Wishes Keith Urban could read to her students! 
Always hoping to give EVERYONE A's!!! 
LOVES her students to no end! 
Daring to try new strategies to reach EVERY STUDENT. 
Reading all the time and LOVING IT! 
Organization is a MAJOR GOAL in life (Mrs. Wetmore - You are my HERO!)
Positive attitude 

Okay! See how easy it is? This is worth 7 points on a Language quiz. Now, here is how you post your comment:

1. Click on the "comments" location on the bottom right hand corner of this blog. 
2. Type your comment in the box provided. 
3. Click on the "anonymous" circle. 
4. Click on the "Publish Your Comment" button. 

I am SO EXCITED to see what you have written! 
Please make sure you check your spelling and grammar in your comment. OH! ONE HUGE, GIGANTIC, MAGNIFICENT HINT: The more words you have, the more points you will receive. 

Much Love, 
Mrs. Waldrop